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What is FootballManager?

FootballManager for Joomla! brings you the opportunity to manage all aspects of an American Football, Rugby (or any other Gridiron Sports) -Team, League directly in Joomla! And the best thing about it, it's free.

The FootballManager for Joomla! includes everything you need to manage players, leagues, games, locations, sponsors, officials or coaches. And when the given options are not enough for you, simply build your own ones thanks to our Custom Field Integration for the FootballManager!

It has never been easier to manage your teams, leagues, players, coaches, officials, locations, games and sponsors with FootballManager for Joomla!

*The FootballManager for Joomla! is offered for free (registration required). For more advanced functions in the frontend you are free to create your own custom modules beside that we offer paid modules in the subscription model.


I'm not a writer but I'll try to give you my thought process in this section. The FootballManager for Joomla! is and will remain free. This is to support the sport, clubs and the Joomla! community. As you have already seen (or will see) the component is used to manage all aspects of a team or league in the backend. You create teams, leagues, games. Create sponsors and hopefully have fun using it. However, there is a small hitch (as always). The component only contains the frontend views to display the teams and the players / coaches / ofiicials. If you are a developer you will be happy to see that the big work has already been done and you only have to create modules / plugins for the frontend views to get the most out of it, which, as I know from my own experience, is much less time consuming and a smaller hurdle. Of course we, respectively I, will not leave you in the lurch when it comes to getting an all-round carefree package. On this page we offer you professional modules (either individually or as a package) for the football manager so that your site stands out from the competition and your visitors have a WOW experience when visiting. Basically I recommend you to get the FootballManager for Joomla! - Put it through its paces and if you like what I have developed take a look at the Professional Modules.

Oh yes, one more thing: Why register? I promise you will NOT receive annoying mails or be bombarded with newsletters (I'm sitting here in Switzerland if I would do something like that I would probably have pretty quick lots of problems :-)). No your registration is important to me (personally) so I know how big the interest in FootballManager for Joomla is. And yes, if you find the time I would be REALLY happy about a feedback or a rating in the JED (Joomla Extensions Dictionary). Enough words, go ahead and look at what the FootballManager has to offer!


The FootballManager component for Joomla! is a free component that you can use without restrictions* to manage your seasons, games, teams and sponsors in the Joomla! Backend.

  • Team Managment

  • Game & Gameday Managment

  • Location Managment

  • Sponsor Integration for Teams, Players, Games & Locations

  • Manage Players

  • League, Season & Season Phase / Division Support

  • Manage Scores

  • Define Score Types

  • Display Team Information (included)

  • Display Player Information (included)

Do more!

Our Professional Extensions for FootballManager


Manage Teams & Players

With the FootballManager from nx-designs you can manage your teams - create & assign the players including their data like height, weight, age and picture, link them with teams (yes with more than one, that's also possible) and present them on your homepage.

The Team edit mask (Details Tab) - Set the Team Parameters

The Player edit mask (Information Tab)

Besides the "Standard" fields that are available, you can also create player information with Advanced information about previous teams.

Elements of the Team & Player category also support the integration / addition of Customfields*. With Customfields you can create your own fields and extend the FootballManager Joomla! according to your ideas.

*The information of Customfields can only be used in combination with our professional modules. The FootballManager component includes a view for teams and players, but Customfields are not used here. More content modules for FootballManager will be released in Season 2021.

Manage Locations

The Location edit mask

The FootballManager for Joomla! also includes a management for the locations. In combination with our professional modules you can offer your visitors an end2end service in relation to the games including background information on stadium / parking and directions.

And of course our sponsors are not neglected, you can also create sponsors for locations and link them to individual locations.

And if you want more: The FootballManager Locations can be extended by CustomFields. These are also supported in our paid modules*.
*More modules for FootballManager content will be released in Season 2021

Integrated Sponsor Managment

You can manage sponsors centrally in our FootballManager component for Joomla! and use / link them in various places. Sponsors can be saved with logo & image as well as a URL. Sponsors can only be displayed in our professional modules in the respective context. 

Configure your Sponsors simple and fast

The sponsors edit mask

Link a Sponsor to a Player

Connect your Sponsors to

  • Players

  • Teams

  • Locations

  • Games

Players, Teams, Games & Locations can be linked to sponsors. Games & Teams contain an extended option with that you can link your sponsors by custom categories (Transport Partner, Matchday Sponsor, ...)

Customfield Support

We write flexibility in capital letters, that's why we have integrated Customfields in the FootballManager for Joomla!.

With Customfields you can easily extend FootballManager with more fields. These fields can be used in our professional modules to offer even more content to your visitors.
Sections supports Customfields

These sections allow the use of custom fields:

  • Teams
  • Players
  • Scores
  • Games
  • Locations

Supports Seasons, Leagues & Divisions

FootballManager for Joomla! supports the management and integration of Seasons, Leagues & Divisions or Season Phases. Categorize your games into the appropriate seasons or leagues. The team and players can be flexibly added to different leagues or divisions for games.

Our Professional Modules & Extensions can filter by games and/or generate league tables based on this structure.

No limits Create the structure for your Players, Teams & Games as you need it!

Scoretypes & Scores

You define the score types. The FootballManager for Joomla! comes completely without defaults "out of the box" create the score types in the backend with the configuration valid for your league. Thanks to this feature, FootballManager can be used across the board for all Gridiron sports.

The integration of score types and scores as elements allows the easy creation of statistics* as well as the calculation of match results - the results for the matches are automatically generated by the FootballManager if desired.

You can also work without score types and scores and enter the game results manually in the games or combined: keep detailed statistics for the games of your own teams and enter only the final result for the games of the other teams. You have complete freedom.

*Professional modules for displaying team statistics not included. Additional professional modules will be released soon.

Import & Export Options

Our FootballManager component for Joomla! comes with a dedicated import & export option for each area. The import / export is provided in Excel format.This makes it easy to load large amounts of data into or out of the component.

Import / Export of Customfield Data

Importing or exporting custom field data is currently not supported.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your free copy of FootballManager now!
And if you like FootballManager for Joomla! you will love our professional modules!


  • PHP 7.3.x or higher

  • Joomla 3.7.x or higher1

  • 2-3 hours time to familiarize

  • at least 2 cups of coffee2

1: Joomla 4.x is currently not yet supported
2: Alternatively, another caffeinated drink can be used ;-)

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