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Easily embed external documents / content Responsive on any module position or inside articles of your Joomla 4.x website.


The Dynamic Wrapper module from nx-designs has been completely redesigned especially for Joomla 4.x. The module allows to embed external documents / content Responsive on a module position in your Joomla 4.x page. In addition to the implementation via iFrame, there are also options for integrating the content in the form of an HTML Embed or Object Tag. The optional use of Customfields allows to define the source for the module content dynamically. The URL to be used in the module can be stored in a custom field in the article, which allows the same module instance to be reused in different places with different content.


The module is designed to give you an easy way to make your external content responsive. You do not define the width / height of the content, but specify how the aspect ratio should be. The module always uses 100% of the available width and calculates its height based on the aspect ratio you choose for mobile devices or desktops.


The Source Code has been optimized for faster performance
Easy to Use
All necessary options to modify the module settings based on your requirements
Relative Sizing
Rather then setting up content sizes by fixed values the module allows you to define an aspect Ratio for your content.
Dynamic Sources
Integration of Joomla Article Customfields value as source
Different embedding methods
iframe / embed / object
Easily customizable
define own CSS classes for container & element
Developed for Joomla 4.x
This module is only Compatible with Joomla 4.x
Checkout the Demo Website to learn more.