nx-youtube Field

Joomla! Customfield Plugin

The free Joomla! Plugin nx-YouTube Custom Field is a Custom Form Field that allows you to effortlessly embed a YouTube Video before or after any of your Joomla! Articles (like every other Custom Field). And yes, as it should be - its fully responsive.

Compared to the most other YouTube Embed Plugins, nx-YouTube Custom Field offers you an additional set of options which can be quick configured for every Frontend Instance of the Plugin.

Our nx-youtube Customfield Plugin is using the Youtube no-Cookie Embed Mode.

For additional Privacy Options we recommend to use a third party plugin to block the automatic connection to youtube if needed.

You can switch between five width classes for 100% / 75% / 50% / 33% / 25% width. Additionaly you can set if the video should be left, center or right aligned.

Multiple styling options & an option to add your custom css classes let you define how your video should look like.

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