A module for Joomla! that dynamically offers the contents of one or more folders for download. In addition, the module allows you to protect individual folders to prevent access to files in them by unregistered website visitors.


It often happens that you want to / have to offer individual documents for download on a website. To install a heavy file management component for this purpose is mostly overkill. But if the files are needed to be updated by third parties or as easily as possible, it becomes more difficult to find a suitable solution. And this is where our Agile Downloads module comes into play and saves your day!

Easy but powerfull

Yes, that's how it should be - simple but powerful. Our agile downloads module acts after the initial setup completely maintenance free. You define which folders should be monitored and optionally whether only registered users are allowed to view / download the files. You can easily enable or disable this optional protection per monitored folder in the module settings (more on this below).
Once the setup is complete, you or your customer can easily upload / delete the files via FTP or Media Manager. Every change to the file system of a watched folder will be reflected in the frontend after a reload of the page.

Stay agile

Agile Downloads has been optimized for dynamic concepts. Once set up, the module manages everything on its own. Create rules for file labels with the Prettyfier. Add new documents or delete old ones - the module takes over your changes.

Control access to your files

The agile Downloads module includes a new feature that allows you to automatically protect files within a shared folder from external access. If the option is enabled, only registered users (with an account) can see / access the files.
Access Security Options by folder

Note: The agile Downloads module does not support advanced permission settings at the file level. It currently distinguishes only registered users and guests. So it can only be used for "simple" file protection.

Note: This protection function uses the standard htaccess protection with the help of a backend script and can therefore only be used on Apache web servers. Microsoft server installations are currently not supported.

Multi-Folder Support

You can feed an instance of the "agile Downloads module" with an unlimited number of sources and define for each of these sources whether it should be publicly accessible or not.

Access Security Options by folder

Prettyfier 2.1

The improved version of the Prettyfier included for free.

The Prettyfier is a code component that allows to modify labels / texts by own rules. The handling is very simple - via the backend module rules can be defined which are applied one after the other. With our Prettyfier you can define rules so that the web safe filename is not listed in the module. So from "my_ugly_but_safe_Filename.jpg" can be displayed as label: my ugly but safe Filename. And Prettyfier can do even more. By freely defining rules, even the complete name can be customized and parts of it can be deleted. The options are incomparable.

Lightbox Preview

For supported file types a lightbox preview can be activated in the module settings. For the defined file types, a lightbox with the file is then displayed instead of starting the download when clicked. Within this lightbox the download can optionally be made available via a link.
Lightbox Settings
Lightbox Settings in Agile Downloads (Pro)


Simple Access Security

Protect folders & files optionally using htaccess - Only logged in visitors can access your files.

Different Layout Options

Choose between two basic layouts and over eight sub-layouts


  • Default List
  • Striped List
  • Divided List


  • Default, Primary, Secondary, Link & Text Style
  • OneColumn Layout
  • Floating Buttons Layout (incl. Grid)
Subfolders Support

You can define for each source if subfolders should be included.

Powerfull Filters

You can optionally set filters via two integrated options for filenames or single expressions.

Search Filter

You can display a search bar so that your visitors can find the documents faster.


You want to allow your visitors to preview the document before downloading it? With the integrated lightbox (for supported file types) this is no longer a problem!

Multiple Sources

Each module instance can monitor an unlimited number of folders.

Prettyfier 2.1

pretty your labels

Configuration Options

More than 20 options waiting for you to customize your agile downloads module


agile Downloads is Joomla! 3 & Joomla! 4 (beta) compatible


Public Files

  • Basel
  • Routing in vue.js
  • access security
  • demo
  • multiple folders

Here you can find the demo of the list view (divider) of the module. If you are not logged in, you will only see the public documents. Log in with your account at nx-desings to access the protected documents.

Alternatively, the documents can be displayed as buttons, also here a large variety of different layout options are available.

Grouping disabled Demo

Your documents from different sources can also be displayed intermixed. Again, we see the same content as in the demos above. If you are logged in, the documents of the public and private area are displayed mixed and sorted alphabetically. In addition, we see here another layout option, we have chosen the default button layout and the document links are displayed centered. From desktop size on we change to a three-column layout.

Lightbox Demo

The documents / file types listed below have been configured in the module settings for preview in a lightbox. A new section was introduced for this in version 1.1.0. Supported are images, videos, PDF documents, text / RTF as well as HTML files. A comma-separated list of all file extensions can be stored in the module backend. A download link can be displayed within the modal, which can be styled via the module settings.


  • Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide v1
  • Sample HTML File
  • Sample TXT Document
  • Sample Word Document
  • Sample xml File
  • Sample xml File spec char ä


  • Werbung Sparkular2
  • Werbung Sparkular Fall2


  • CEFL-2021x 1200
  • benjamin-goossen-3p6dkxdz0jw-unsplash
  • osmbanner2

Free vs. Pro Comparison

lite VersionPro Version
Extension Type
Joomla! Module
Joomla! Module
Joomla! 3
Joomla! 4
Joomla! 3
Joomla! 4
Dynamic Updates
Mobile First
UIkit 3 support included
Subfolder Support
Integrated Searchfilter
Access Protection
Lightbox Support (v1.1.0)

Sort Files by date (ASC / DESC)

File Date Display

Prettyfier 2.1
Layouts included
  • List
  • Buttons
  • Buttons flex Grid
Fontawesome Icons (free)
Access Protection Feature requires an Apache web server - Microsoft Server installations are not supported for this feature.
  • Integrated Access Security
  • Dynamic Update
  • Configuration Options
  • Different Layouts
  • Multiple Soures
  • Prettyfier
  • Subfolder Support
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