Video Header

By cropping & new placement of the video a "video header" can be realized with the nx-youtubeBox. The height & placement of the video within the header can be selected manually. The integrated blocklayer prevents visitors from interacting with the video.

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Playlist Demo

The nx-youtubeBox supports not only the modes for playing single videos but also the option to include whole playlists based on playlist ID's or user videos into your site.

Simple Video Demo

The standard integration with Autoplay & Mute. nx-youtubeBox can also be integrated as a simple player. Standard parameters such as Autoplay, Mute and design aspects (here: shadow & border radius). Can be adjusted in the module backend.

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Polaroid Style

Using border settings, shadow options & video rotation the nx-youtubeBox can create a Polaroid effect for your videos. The rotation of the video can be defined between -90 and 90 degrees.
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