Joomla Module

the nx-youtubebox is a free joomla 3.x module for playing youtube videos and playlist.

Main Features


Enter Your Video URL, Video ID or Shortcode


Works with your Playlist URL, ID or Shortcode


Use your Youtube Video als Pageheader

Polaroid Effect

With the integrated options you can style your video lika a polaroid


Set every available Option for Youtube Videos in the Backend

Main Features

  • YouTube No-Cookie Mode (in accordance with GDPR / DSGVO)
  • Responsive
  • Supports Youtube Videos
  • Supports Youtube Playlists
  • Fullscreen Option per Module Instance
  • Supports out of the Box multiple instances on the same Page
  • Headermode (define a max height of the videoframe in percent & move the overflow if needed)
  • Blocklayer (lock your player frame - click actions on the video are not longer possible)
  • VideoBox Rotation (up to 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise)
  • Integrated Bordersettings
  • Integrated Shadowsettings for outer & inner Shadow
  • And for sure the basic youtube API Features like:
    • Autoplay
    • Show / Hide Annotations
    • Show / Hide Controls
    • Loop Playback
    • Show / Hide related Videos
    • Video start time
    • iOS Inline Playback
    • Define default volume
    • or mute the player

Introduced in Version 1.0.4

VideoBox Rotation

Now you can easily Rotate the VideoBox up to 90 degrees, in combination with the integrated Border and Shadow Options you can create a Polaroid styled look for your Videos.

Integrated Bordersettings

Now you are able to setup a border (incl. Radiusoptions) for your Videos.

Inner Shadow Options

First Huge Update for our Blocklayer! Now the Blocklayer supports an inset Shadow Option - This adds a Special look to your videos.


Default Example

Polaroid Effect

By configuring the edges (color & width) and the rotation of the video, an individual Polaroid effect can be created.
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