Exposer is a Joomla module that displays a selection of your Joomla! articles or contacts within a grid, list or slideshow overview. By using the UIkit 3 framework your articles will be presented in a more exciting way than ever before. With the new Dynamic Filter options, you can filter items based on the values of Customfields.

Main Features

  • Future-proof

    Exposer supports you no matter if you use Joomla 3.7< or Joomla 4 (tested incl. RC1)

  • Your Joomla! Articles & Contacts

    Exposer displays your Joomla! Categories & Articles filtered by categories and / or tags

  • Dynamic Sources, Content & Conditions

    Exposer integrates dynamic content loading based on ID or custom field value. Additionaly a wide range of preset conditions are available for your filter.

  • Tags! Tags everywhere

    As one of the few solutions wolrdwide, Exposer offers full Joomla! Tag support. That means you can filter your articles by tags.

  • Customfield Support

    Exposer takes your articles to the next level including customfield support. Use your customfields everywhere in Exposer even as dynamic filter.

  • Modal Solution included

    Exposer contains a UIkit 3 modal solution out of the box.

  • Four layout options

    Exposer offers you four layout types: Grid, List Simple List* and Slideshow.

  • Animate them all!

    You like animation? So do we! All transitions are smooth and improve user experience. Thanks to UIkit 3 support, Exposer includes more then 15 different animation types.

  • Mobile First

    Thanks to UIkit 3, Exposer is fully mobile friendly including an additional Simple Mobile Mode for Grid Views.

  • Sort by Customfield Value

    Exposer can sort your Articles based on Customfield values.

Want a test drive?

Try out Exposer directly including Backend Demo and explore the possibilities!

Filter your Content

With Exposer you have full control over your content.
  • Show Joomla! articles or contacts from different categories that have the same tag
  • Show Joomla! articles or contacts from one or more categories
  • Show Joomla! articles or contacts that only targeting the defined tags (one or multiple)
  • Filter by Creators1
  • Filter by Featured Articles2
  • NEW Filter by Customfield values

  • NEW Filter by Dynamic Conditions

1: Filter Joomla Articles by Creators (Multiselect List)
2: Filter Joomla Articles by Featured items.
You can choose to display only featured items, hide featured items (show only non featured) or show (ignore featured status)

Sort your Content

You can sort your articles by:
  • Article Sorting (Manual Backend Sorting)
  • most recent
    Creation Date (Article Params)
  • most recent
    Publish up Date (Article Params)
  • Modification Date (Article Params)
  • Publish down Date (Article Params)
  • Hits
  • Article Title
  • most recent
    Article ID
  • Random
  • NEW Customfield Value
Articles can be sorted ascending or descending across all Sorting types.

Customfields as Media

Instead of article images, custom fields can also be used as article eye-catchers with Exposer.
Use customfields as a media source for your articles. Exposer renders the custom field instead of the article image. In addition, the fallback of the media content has been extended by various levels. Beside multiple customfield sources you can also choose if the article intro image or the article image is used as fallback instance. If there is no information available for this either, Exposer can use an image that you define as a fallback in the module settings.

Exposer Membership Plans



  • Unlimited Sites License
  • Support & Updates for 18 Months
  • No Recurring Payments / No Auto Renew
    Subscription must be renewed manually if desired
  • Get all Updates within your Subscription period
  • All Exposer Features
  • Joomla 3.x & Joomla 4 compatible
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