FootballManager Standings Subscription

FootballManager Standings

The FootballManager Standings module creates your league tables (one per module instance) all you need to do is set up the module / a module instance and publish it on your site.

Based on the entered game results (in FootballManager) a league table is automatically generated. Of course, the whole thing works including tie-breaking rules which you can also choose / arrange yourself from a predefined set of rules.

You have a large number of customization options to adapt the look and feel of the module to your site/design. In addition, the layout allows you to freely arrange the columns to be displayed, such as team, games, PF, PA, Pct, W-T-L and more can freely be arranged with our builder.

Check out our demo to learn more: FootballManager Demo
Duration: 1 year
Price: $34.00
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