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Ita , February 17 2023, 13:15
Ita 2
February 17 2023, 13:15 #419
I would like to know how customisable are the template .
I am not a php specialist nor a programmer.
Also is it possible with OrielPro to have on the mainpage as a thumbnails the first picture in everyfolder ?
If i upload more folder, will it be dynamycly added to the homepage or do I need to do something manually ?
marco 541
February 20 2023, 09:31 #420
Hi Ita
There are a few possibilites to change the layout of Oriel, you can define custom css classnames on multiple positions. Alternatively you have in Joomla! always the possibility to create "Template Overrides" for Modules - that way you are able to create a Custom Template if required. But the later option really needs some understanding in PHP / HTML / CSS.
In Album Mode the Gallery takes every folder (inside a defined root folder) and creates a gallery from it. You can define the cover image when placing an image named "cover.jpg" inside an album folder. You will find some information on this page:
Oriel works dynamically yes (thats one of the main features). After you have defined a root folder you can simply create new folders / add images via FTP and Oriel adapts its content automatically.
PS: I'm aware that the Manuals not cover everything - new Manuals are currently in Work.
kind regards

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