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FootballManager ( 6 Plans )

All extensions (free & paid) related to FootballManager for Joomla! - Manage your games, seasons, leagues, teams, players, locations, sponsors and much more directly in Joomla! - With the additional extensions you get the maximum out of our free FootballManager component.

Joomla! extensions & tools for documents & images. Here you can find our extensions for displaying documents, images or image galleries on your Joomla! website.

The extensions in this category are all about the presentation of your Joomla! articles. No matter if you are a power user or a beginner our extensions in the area of article presentation allow you new possibilities to present your content.

Multimedia ( 5 Plans )

Our multimedia extensions will amaze you - Whether it's Youtube content or locally hosted videos & media in this section you will find our extensions for it.

Packages ( 1 Plan )

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