Joomla Module

nx-articleLibrary is a Joomla! module from nx-designs that converts your articles and categories into a library. Thanks to the ajax support you can switch between pages without reloading the website.

nx-ArticleLibrary presents your Joomla! articles within a module position in form of a library. Using the sidebar or modal menu (on portable devices) you can browse through the categories and articles (based on the Joomla! article structure) completly within the module. At the first step you define a category from which the module should search for subcategories & articles. These are then get prepared within the module. So you can use normal Joomla! articles and categories to display information within the nx-ArticleLibrary.

Main Features

  • Responsive Design & Mobile First Layout

    With nx-articleLibrary your articles will be accessible on destop and mobile devices. Thanks to UIkit 3 no extra steps reuqired. It just works.

  • Access Control Integration

    You only see what you are allowed to see. nx-articleLibrary shows users only the articles & categories they have access to.

  • Ajax powered

    There is no need to load a whole page to view to show another article inside nx-articleLibrary. Ajax will load your article on click without loading whole pages so your servers will have less load and the user experience is great.

  • Level Support

    Define how deep within your categories you want to search for additional subcategories and articles.

  • Customizable themes

    Shipped with three ready to use themes, the nx-articleLibrary also supports custom themes. Just create your CSS file and load it via the module backend.

  • Animated transitions

    You like animation? So do we! All transitions are smooth and improve user experience.

  • Sort Articles

    Articles can be sorted in ascending or descending order according to different fields within the menu: Article Title, Backend Article Sorting, Article Creation Date, Article Publish Up Date, Article Publish Down Date, Article ID, Hits or Random

  • Integrated Link handling

    If a link to another article in the library is discovered within an article, a click on it will directly link internally.

  • Prepared Content

    nx-articleLibrary automatically checks your articles for advanced content such as {loadposition} or {loadmodule} instructions and renders them within the library.

Article Library in Action

This information here can be defined and styled in the backend module using an editor field.


This chapter covers the basics of the module, a short insight into the installation process the used frameworks and the features of nx-ArticleLibrary.

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