Your YouTube Channel directly in your website
TUBEFLIX for Joomla! is a module that displays the content (playlists & videos) of a Youtube channel to your visitors. TUBEFLIX for Joomla! was developed with the intention that your visitors do not have to leave your site to see your Youtube videos. Fully dynamic and "Mobile First-developed", TUBEFLIX is your professional solution to embed your Youtube channel on your Joomla! site.

Incredibly fast

more than
TUBEFLIX automatically loads the latest videos from the corresponding channel, thanks to caching in the database the videos are available in a blink of an eye (okey maybe 2 or 3 while caching is active) - no matter if your channel contains 100 or 10'000 videos.
The cache is automatically generated by your visitors. You define in the backend in which interval the content should be updated. If a visitor opens TUBEFLIX after the cache duration has expired, the cache is automatically updated for the next visitor. This saves time, resources and your API quota.
*compared with TUBEFLIX v1.5

Privacy First

TUBEFLIX has an (optional) integrated disclaimer. Title & texts can be freely defined in the backend. Content is only loaded when the disclaimer has been accepted. Additionally, it is possible to link an article with further privacy information.
Videos are loaded via the Youtube no-cookie method.
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