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External Sources

The module can also display / playback externally stored videos in addition to the videos stored on your web server. The "External Sources" section has been created for this purpose.

In the basic settings you can first define if these externally stored videos should be tagged, depending on the source you can define the tag yourself. You can also define a general poster image that will be used for all external videos as a fallback in the grid or slider overview.

ext sources basic

Each external video is defined by the corresponding URL, the name is displayed (if configured) in the frontend and the video poster is used in the overview. The video date can not be read automatically and must be set manually if necessary. But this is only necessary if you want to display your local videos and videos stored on other pages mixed by creation date or modify date.

First you need to create at least one section for external videos, you can then display them in the appropriate section or mixed with the other videos (if you disable the Group by option in the main settings).

ext src

External sources are then included in the frontend based on your layout settings. Here as an example some external videos for which I used random images from unsplash for the posters:

Frontend ext sources slider

As with local videos, playback in the lightbox begins when the video is clicked in the overview. It is important to know: External content (the videos) are only loaded when the visitor ACTIVELY clicks on the corresponding video and thus loads the lightbox. For more privacy options, however, there are other options available, we will look at these in the chapter "Privacy Options".

Different types of Youtube links

Youtube basically offers you two types of links, the normal one: "" and the shortlink: "" Both types you can use in agileVideos. Even if you want to use the Youtube no-cookie mode. You can activate this in the privacy tab and it converts the URLs you have stored in the frontend into the corresponding no-cookie variant.