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Privacy Options

agileVideos has its own dedicated layer for privacy information. This is displayed instead of the overview and can only be hidden if the visitor actively agrees. No cookie is set - the layer appears each time the page is viewed. This layer consists of a container in which you can define a title and your own text. If the privacy info is activated without defining a text, the module uses the default text.

default privacy notice styled

By default the Privacy Info Box is not styled - To achieve styling like in the example above you can use the following CSS classes:

uk-card uk-card-default uk-card-small uk-card-body uk-card-hover

Just enter these class names in the corresponding field in the Privacy Info tab.

General information - PRivacy and external sources

This module loads information from external sources (videos) only after active interaction by the user, a nice effect of LazyLoad is that the videos are loaded only when the lightbox is actively opened. However, it is recommended resp. required in the EU that you include a note in your privacy information when you embed content from external sources such as Youtube.

Youtube no-cookie Mode

You can deactivate the option in the Privacy tab that Youtube videos are embedded via no-cookie url. By default this option is set to active. You can simply embed Youtube videos with the nominal URL, the module will take care of the rest.