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OrielPro Unlimited Sites Subscription

OrielPro Subscription
Your modern solution for flexible galleries
Oriel creates fully automatic gallery overviews & galleries based on your folder structures. Simply define a base folder, all folders within it will be used as albums or filters within the module instance.
Expand your gallery simply by adding new albums, subfolders or images via FTP or the Joomla! file manager. Oriel automatically adjusts the output.
Oriel contains the Cover Mode and with the help of an aspect ratio defined by you, beautiful grid layouts are created with your images.
The Advanced Label Prettyfier, also included in Oriel, uses your files- & folder-names, adapts them according to your settings and uses them as labels.

Limited Time Offer

Giveaway Special!

You will get our Custom Field Plugin nx-FolderList for free!
Our nx-FolderList plugin allows you to easily realize your dynamic galleries with OrielPro.

Checkout our demo page:
Duration: 1 Year
Price: $9.00