Exposer Unlimited Sites Subscription

Exposer Yearly Subscription
Three ready-to-use templates are integrated and due to the support of own CSS classes for each field they can be adapted to your needs.
Exposer loads your articles filtered by category and / or tags. In addition, articles can be sorted by different fields (incl. customfields).


  • Unlimited Sites License
  • Display Joomla! Articles or Contacts
  • Filters Joomla articles by Categories, Creator, Featured status, Tags (all filters are optional and can be combined)
  • Sorts articles according to title,id,creation date, publishing date, custom field value
  • Three ready to use layouts (grid, list, slideshow)
  • Full UIkit 3 & Yootheme Pro Template support (external (YTP) & implemented)
  • Integrated modal solution for the presentation of the article incl. customfields
  • Intellegent Link Routing (Joomla! Article URL A / B / C)
  • Customizable (each field of each view can be supplemented with its own CSS classes)
Duration: 1 year
Price: $10.00

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