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All Joomla!® extensions, Joomla!® templates and WordPress® plugins at are licensed under the GNU/GPL.

Joomla!® Based Products

Each product includes the following services:
- Unlimited use of extensions:
- No support-per-domain restrictions.
- No limits on numbers of installations and servers, infinite use beyond expired plans, no hidden extra costs.
- Unlimited download access to all updates of the extension, for 356 days after purchase.
- Unlimited access to video tutorials and documentation with tips and best practices.
- Free Support via our Support Forum

Refund Policy

We grant refunds on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our support if you feel you should receive a refund. In general, there are no refunds based on subjective experiences like "but I thought it can do this" or "it is not easy". The features of each plugin are explained clearly and there are demos and videos available that give a broad overview if the plugin fits your level of experience. On doubts, please contact the support before purchasing. There is also no refund possible on support matters. For example: a 3rd party plugin/theme is causing conflcts with one of our plugins, it is up to the 3rd party developer to fix this problem - please consult the 3rd party developer's support or request a refund there. We can help you collecting evidence that the issues are not on our side or -- if time allows -- exceptionally provide a workaround. Our plugins are developed to work on regular and properly configured systems, as you can see on our demo pages. Thank you for your understanding.

Privacy Policy