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on by Marco Rensch
Find out here what has changed, the WidgetsBox changelog is updated after each release and shows you what is new or what we have worked on.

Version 1.3.0

July 2021

  • Generator for Structured / Rich Content1 for different types:
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    • FaqPage
    • Articles
    • Products
    • Events
    • Software Applications
  • Restructured Backend
  • Updated EN Language
  • Integration of nx-designs Framework  (required for new features)
  • Shipped now as Package incl. nx-designs Framework Plugin

1) User request, thank you!

Version 1.2.0

July 2021
  • New Switcher-Widget
  • Accordion: Item Media can now been displayed in Accordion Title (User suggestion thanks!)
  • Accordion: First item can now be set to active on page load
  • General: Added Content Prepare Option for Article Content to enable third party e-mail cloaking and others
  • Re-Structured Backend, All Layout related options for Slideshow, Grid, List, Accordion and Switcher are now combined in the new "Widget-Layout" Tab

Version 1.1.0

May 2021
  • Slideset: Option added, you can now choose if the complete slide should be linked or only the overlay
  • List & Grid: Easy Search / Filter addedBugfix:
  • Error in list view when no image source was selected
  • Some fieldtypes for classnames has been changed from text to textarea
  • Parallax Configuration is now only available when Widget Slideshow is selected

Version 1.0.10

March 2021
  • Possible fatal error fixed in combination with SP-Pagebuilder
  • Removed J4 compatibility - Use dedicated version for Joomla! 4.x support

Version 1.0.9

February 2021
  • (Slider Widget) Enable / disable Slider offset feature in module params

Version 1.0.8

February 2021
  • (Grid Widget) It was possible to set invalid configuration for images

Version 1.0.7

February 2021

  • Fixed a bug where Fields in Header not rendered correct

Version 1.0.6

February 2021
  • (Grid Widget) Loaded unneeded canvas placeholder when card image was top / bottom positioned
  • Fixed a bug where Module title could not be rendered in some templates
  • (Grid Widget) Fixed a bug where the image was not shown in Grid when AUTO height was used.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue in J3 regarding filter by category which leaded to not load any articles at all.
  • (Slider Widget) Added width setting to slider to make sure container always uses 100% of the available width
  • (List Widget) Added a check if an image exists for the selected source.
  • (Grid Widget) Improved Grid Match options: You now have more control and can define if you would like to match the card itself or the content.
  • (Accordion Widget) Code improved for checking if an image exists for the selected source.
  • Removed 'root'-option from category selection - this option has no effect, if you like to not filter by category just the field empty.
  • (Grid Widget) Changed Grid size in card for left / right aligned image to collapse
  • (Grid Widget) Custom CSS Class option for grid-card content section
  • (Grid Widget) Option to define Grid-Match target container (card or card body)
  • Added UIkit 3.6.16 (change in Advanced Tab)
  • Added Additional scoped version of UIkit 3 (change in Advanced Tab)

Version 1.0.5

  • Added german language translation

Version 1.0.4

  • initial release
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