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WidgetsBox Changelog

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on by Marco Rensch
Find out here what has changed, the WidgetsBox changelog is updated after each release and shows you what is new or what we have worked on.

Version 1.4


  • Optimised image handling on J4
  • Image Fallback logic is now different, if defined a fallback image always will be used when no image is found.
  • Fixed bug where the image fallback was not working
  • Tags container now does not get loaded when no tags are defined
  • Fixed some errors in language translations & added missing language keys


  • Added French Language Support


  • Backend descriptions layout for some sections in Joomla 4
  • New Option added to disable image URL manipulation


  • Fixed a Bug where Structured content throws an error if used multiple times (multiple WidgetsBox instances) on same page
  • Minor Code Improvements

Version 1.3.0

July 2021

  • Generator for Structured / Rich Content1 for different types:
    Make sure to read our latest Blog / Tutorials and the Updated Manual
    • FaqPage
    • Articles
    • Products
    • Events
    • Software Applications
  • Restructured Backend
  • Updated EN Language
  • Integration of nx-designs Framework  (required for new features)
  • Shipped now as Package incl. nx-designs Framework Plugin

1) User request, thank you!

Version 1.2.0

July 2021
  • New Switcher-Widget
  • Accordion: Item Media can now been displayed in Accordion Title (User suggestion thanks!)
  • Accordion: First item can now be set to active on page load
  • General: Added Content Prepare Option for Article Content to enable third party e-mail cloaking and others
  • Re-Structured Backend, All Layout related options for Slideshow, Grid, List, Accordion and Switcher are now combined in the new "Widget-Layout" Tab

Version 1.1.0

May 2021
  • Slideset: Option added, you can now choose if the complete slide should be linked or only the overlay
  • List & Grid: Easy Search / Filter addedBugfix:
  • Error in list view when no image source was selected
  • Some fieldtypes for classnames has been changed from text to textarea
  • Parallax Configuration is now only available when Widget Slideshow is selected

Version 1.0.10

March 2021
  • Possible fatal error fixed in combination with SP-Pagebuilder
  • Removed J4 compatibility - Use dedicated version for Joomla! 4.x support

Version 1.0.9

February 2021
  • (Slider Widget) Enable / disable Slider offset feature in module params

Version 1.0.8

February 2021
  • (Grid Widget) It was possible to set invalid configuration for images

Version 1.0.7

February 2021

  • Fixed a bug where Fields in Header not rendered correct

Version 1.0.6

February 2021
  • (Grid Widget) Loaded unneeded canvas placeholder when card image was top / bottom positioned
  • Fixed a bug where Module title could not be rendered in some templates
  • (Grid Widget) Fixed a bug where the image was not shown in Grid when AUTO height was used.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue in J3 regarding filter by category which leaded to not load any articles at all.
  • (Slider Widget) Added width setting to slider to make sure container always uses 100% of the available width
  • (List Widget) Added a check if an image exists for the selected source.
  • (Grid Widget) Improved Grid Match options: You now have more control and can define if you would like to match the card itself or the content.
  • (Accordion Widget) Code improved for checking if an image exists for the selected source.
  • Removed 'root'-option from category selection - this option has no effect, if you like to not filter by category just the field empty.
  • (Grid Widget) Changed Grid size in card for left / right aligned image to collapse
  • (Grid Widget) Custom CSS Class option for grid-card content section
  • (Grid Widget) Option to define Grid-Match target container (card or card body)
  • Added UIkit 3.6.16 (change in Advanced Tab)
  • Added Additional scoped version of UIkit 3 (change in Advanced Tab)

Version 1.0.5

  • Added german language translation

Version 1.0.4

  • initial release