Exposer Version 1.5.1 - Improved Dynamic Filter

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on by Marco Rensch

Today Exposer version 1.5.1 was rolled out. This update brings some new features around the "Dynamic Filter" in Exposer. To go with the new version, I have updated the Dynamic Filter instructions. The biggest change is a new field in the backend called "Conditions". With this field you can define how the dynamic filter should compare the values:

exposer151 dynfilterConditions

There are several comparison operators available, check out the manual and the basic tutorial to learn more.

An important note: If you have already worked with the Dynamic Filter in version 1.5 you might have to check the module settings after this update, several adjustments have been made in the background.

And for all newbies: Checkout the Exposer Product Page and get your license for unlimited sites right now for a fair price.

Have fun with Exposer 1.5.1



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