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on by Marco Rensch

Did you know that you don't need an additional extension to use a voting / rating system for articles in Joomla? Joomla! (3 and 4) already offer this "out of the box". All you need to do is to activate a small plugin called "Content - Vote". You don't believe it? Let's have a look at it!

Activate the plugin

In the first step we need to activate the plugin in the Joomla! backend. Under Joomla! 3.x the plugins can be found under: Extensions --> Plugins

01 open plugins list

In the plugin overview we now search for the plugin "Content-Vote":

01 open plugins list

The settings include only the option whether the plugin should be displayed above or below the article.

01 open plugins list

If the plugin is activated, we have to make sure that it is also displayed, which we set in the article settings. By default, the voting is deactivated.

Show voting

For this we switch to the item list in the backend and select the options there:

01 open plugins list

In the item list we click on Options:

01 open plugins list


In the first tab we find a bit further down the option for displaying the voting plugin, by default this is hidden:

01 open plugins list


And that's it, any well developed template will now show your users the voting option for the article in the frontend. Each user (IP) can vote for an article once a day.

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