UI-Kit class names in container

marq_104 , October 23 2022, 21:29
marq_104 23
October 23 2022, 21:29 #378
You made it possible to add class names but we don't know where those class names are going to be.
UIKIT uses specific class names on container elements that control the behavior of the siblings.
In order for me to use a flex/grid I had to add CSS instead of having UIKIT do its thing.
If I had less than 3 items in a row, I wanted that row to be centered.
How can we put class names on the immediate, the parent container in order to affect the siblings?
<div class="uk-flex-center" uk-grid>
marco 467
October 25 2022, 11:47 #379
Hi marq_104
I see, there is currently no Custom Classes Field for Grid Container. I've added a new Field to the settings in Version 1.7.0. I'm currently testing the new version. Version 1.7 should be released soon maybe later this week.
Thanks for your feedback!
kind regards

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marq_104 23
October 25 2022, 13:38 #380
Thanks Marco!
There are a few Joomla plugins that let you add class but put them above, not on, the parent container.
I'll add a class 'where-are-you' just to find where the class name is being applied.

With UIKIT, parent and sibling classes do a LOT of work if used properly.
Thanks for paying attention to this.