Possible to load plugins ?

webiedesign , October 07 2022, 00:05
webiedesign 4
October 07 2022, 00:05 #375
I would like to use some articles that have been modified with Pagebuilder CK and in order for them to display properly the pagebuilder plugins need to load. Maybe this is a future request ?
marco 541
October 09 2022, 09:35 #376
hi webiedesign
at the moment there is no pagebuilder integration in Exposer - I work mostly with Yootheme Pro, so may you can give me some insides about your idea, are there any Extensions that works this way (loading pagebuilder content aka those plugins)? I think you are talking about SP Pagebuilder right? Can you give me a bit more details about your idea / your expected result?
Sidenote: What I've done so far with Yootheme Pro was to create a Customfield for the articles where the necessary informations got stored - used that field in Exposer as content source and in the pagebuilder simply inside a given text container - whis works well with texts and images.
kind regards

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webiedesign 4
October 09 2022, 17:24 #377
I work mostly with Pagebuilder CK https://www.joomlack.fr/en/joomla-extensions/page-builder-ck and the pagebuilder plugins need to run with modules so that the pages can display properly. This is what loads without the plugins QCgqEJGHOh.png
and with the plugins (in a different module). If it can't be done, I understand - but it would be exciting if it could work
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