error with imagnifier

Merou63 , October 02 2022, 12:42
Merou63 3
October 02 2022, 12:42 #370
I just bought iMagnifier
I followed the tutorial but I get the error: "0 - Class "FieldsHelper" not found"
Thank you for helping me.
marcorensch 19
October 02 2022, 15:47 #371
hi merou63
can you give me more information about your setup?
php version?
joomla version?
if its an upgraded joomla 3 to joomla 4 setup:
have you used any custom fields of type „repeatable“?
kind regards
Merou63 3
October 02 2022, 18:56 #372
Hi Marco
Thank you for your quick reply
PHP version: 8.0
Joomla Version: 4.2.3
This is a new website, directly created in Joomla 4
I just have 2 custom fields: "low-res image" and "hi-res image" just for iMagnifier and no other custom fields.
Thanks for your help.
Best regards,
marco 467
October 02 2022, 19:24 #373
Hi Marc
Ooopsi, there was indeed an issue that could lead to the given problem on your site when using Joomla 4.2.x . I've quickly created a bugfix Release to solve this issue. If you download the module again it should download now version 1.2.1 that should solved the issue.
Sorry about that - please let me know if the update solves the issue on your side.
kind regards

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Merou63 3
October 02 2022, 22:39 #374
Hi Marco,
It works perfectly now.
Thank you very much for your very fast and relevant support.
Best regards,