Exposer module does not save the selected tags for filtering

Wissner-Verlag , September 01 2022, 10:05
Wissner-Verlag 12
September 01 2022, 10:05 #348
I installed Exposer today on a Joomla 4 site.
The module is seems to be installed correctly.
I can create a grid selecting categories.
I tried to select articles by tag but this did not work.
I can enter the tag, that is already defined but i cannot sage the module configuration with the selected tag.
The tag field is empty after saving the module configuration.
Any clue what might be the cause for this behaviour?
Thanks in advance
marco 400
September 02 2022, 05:45 #349
Hi Michael
I've tested it now on multiple installations and the field is working as expected (can save) also in version 4.2.1 - Could you please check the console in backend when changing the field value and send me a screenshot?
You are using any kind of special tools for the J4 backend? like a different template or a toolbar helper?
The first thing that comes into my mind is that something blocks some JS in your backend - The TAG filter field is a Joomla! default field ( so nothing special in the module backend here about this beside that the field itself requires that nothing is blocking javascript)
Blocking / crashing Javascript can be a side effect of any third party plugin / theme / template you can use. If this is the case the browser Console will show an error.
the only thing i can say by now is that it is a local issue in your backend as far as i can see.
kind regards

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Wissner-Verlag 12
September 04 2022, 19:06 #351
Hi Marco,
i found the solution for this problem.
I had to change the tag entry mode from "Ajax" to "Nested".
Then it worked.
kind regards