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Oliver , August 16 2022, 11:32
Oliver 4
August 16 2022, 11:32 #343
Hello Marco,
I have a little issue with a slider configuration.
It seems to work fine at the beginning, but now it shows only 2 of 3 columns.
In source code of the website I get this error:
Warning: Undefined variable $mediaWidth in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 74
Do you have any idea what causes this error?
The slider is integrated as module in an article. You can find it here:
On first load of the page you see 3 columns, if it starts to slide, you see only 2, the third is gone.
Let me know if you need super user rights.
Kind regards
marco 400
August 17 2022, 07:52 #346
Hi Oliver
I've took a look and it looks strange indeed, could you please provide me Admin Access (you can send me a mail to support @[at] nx-designs [dot] ch)
I need to have a closer look, i was not able to reproduce the issue here, i have already a small bugfix pending about images and Joomla 4 in slider but i think this is something different... - Important Please create a backup before granting me access.
kind regards

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Oliver 4
August 17 2022, 08:42 #347
Hi Marco,
backup is done, mail with access data is on its way.
Thanks a lot!