little update problem

Oliver , August 11 2022, 07:40
Oliver 7
August 11 2022, 07:40 #339
in my J4 installation I got the message that I have to update the 1.4.1 to 1.4.2.
I did this now several times, I even went to my downloads area and downloaded the latest file then installed it.
But every time I click on Check Updates, I get the information that I have to update from 1.4.1. to 1.4.2.
What do I do wrong?
Thanks in advance
marco 541
August 13 2022, 11:38 #340
Hi Oliver
thanks for your feedback!
The package in the downloads area had version 1.4.1
an update should be possible if you have enregistered a download key like described in this article:
I've updated the package in the download area too - so if you download again the package should contain version 1.4.2
kind regards

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Oliver 7
August 16 2022, 11:28 #342
Thank you Marco, it worked fine