Update won't install?

samisham , August 03 2022, 11:28
samisham 6
August 03 2022, 11:28 #332
I have tried to install the update today and it's not working through Joomla extensions:update, so I tried to do it manually and that didn't override the package either.
Also the download link (Failed to download package. Download it and install manually fromhttps://www.nx-designs.ch/index.php?option=com_osmembership&task=download_update_package&document_id=19.) hit's 403 page??
Can you look into please?
marco 400
August 03 2022, 14:06 #333
Hi samisham,
Is WidgetsBox still listed in your Downloads Area?
The direct Url is not working that is correct, because the Download Key will not be submitted this way.
Do you have installed (and enabled) the nx-designs framework plugin on your site and generated / saved a Key for this domain?
Does this solve your issue?
kind regards

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samisham 6
August 03 2022, 14:20 #334
Hi Marco,
This has indeed solved my issue.
Thanks, Sam