Pro version lightbox feature works well in desktop, but not in mobile

Guest , July 20 2022, 23:36
July 20 2022, 23:36 #330
Hi Marco!
Thanks for this nice module. I'm very happy about how it works.
The module works nice, but the lightbox feature doesn't show pdf files well in mobile (android based)
Thanks for your help!
marco 467
July 21 2022, 10:52 #331
Hi Mik-Towers
Unfortunately on mobile devices it is not longer possible to embed PDF's directly into the page or inside a lightbox - security rules on phones (Android & iOS) blocks that and offers a link to open the pdf inside a new window / tab. The filename with this "%20" is also normal because a file url cannot have spaces in it - which means the browser encodes the filename to be valid.
I'm looking already for a Javascript based solution to display PDF's also on mobile devices but till now i did not found anything that fits my needs for agileDownloads.
Two hints:
- If possible do not use spaces in filenames for files that are published in the web
- You can disable Lightboxes in general for PDF files in the module settings
Note: I'm working on an update to specify those rules (disable lightbox for specific filetypes) for mobile devices and desktops
kind regards

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