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cosmic , April 25 2022, 17:17
cosmic 30
April 25 2022, 17:17 #305
when using j3, I was able to use font awesome by simply putting this code
I'm afraid this not working anymore...
any idea? I know that they change as well something
however the symbol seems to be there but just not shown :/ strange
marco 329
April 27 2022, 07:36 #306
Hi cosmic
Sorry but your provided link is not working (anymore?).
How do you have embed font awesome into joomla 4?
I've never used FontAwesome directly from a template (when required in a extension i've added it to the lib)
My tests on a blank J4 page with cassiopeia template (that should support FA) was also not working... BUT i was also not able to simply add an icon into a an article aswell so...
How do you have integrated FontAwesome?
the HTML got rendered so it has something to do with the integration of FA.
kind regards

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cosmic 30
April 27 2022, 19:12 #307
my bad - the icon selected is just not free :/ I was lost with the new version of the site
sorry for trouble caused