League standing in case of equal points

twoccer , February 25 2022, 11:12
twoccer 16
February 25 2022, 11:12 #241
Hi Marco,

I have a question about the league standing.

I simulated a situation where 2 teams had an equal amount of points and in that case, the team with the best goal average should go ahead of the team with less goal average in the standings.

In the actual standings, this was not the case and the team with a less average showed ahead in the standings.
So in the situation below the top team has an average of 0 while the second team has an average of +2
In case of a situation of equal points, and equal goal average the second the should still be on top because it played 1 game less.
Is it possible to set these rules perhaps? Or have it so the team with the best goal average goes ahead of the team with less in case they are equal in points?
marco 541
February 28 2022, 10:40 #242
Hi twoccer
Could you please show me your AutoCalc Rules in the module settings?
Normally the thing you are looking for is the Points for (Scored Points) in all selected Games. But it will ignore the count of games played...
If you already use it - such behavior can only happen because the rule is not set "high enough" - the sorting in the module settings is used top->down till a draw is solved. About your Question - the "Best Winning Percentage" sounds also helpfull but mitght be not the correct solution in some cases...
You are talking about *GOALS* so it is used for Soccer?
What happens when you set the "Initial sort by" From Points to Win/Loose?
kind regards

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twoccer 16
March 04 2022, 08:13 #243
Hi Marco,
Thanks for pointing out the rules settings.
Today I had a look at it and I actually missed those settings. Added the "point for" and it work now.
Yes, I'm using it for a soccer setup and it works great. Points are goals in this.