Football manager Joomla 4

twoccer , February 07 2022, 10:52
twoccer 16
February 07 2022, 10:52 #226
I'm just wondering are there any plans for a J4 version of the football manager extension?
marco 446
February 08 2022, 06:22 #227
Hi twoccer
Yes there is a plan to bring FootballManager to Joomla 4.
But it is a bit complicated:
FootballManager is built with the great JCB (Joomla Component Builder). JCB has to be updated for Joomla 4 before we can develop Components for J4. I have to do some of "my" stuff first. When i'm done i will check if i can help in the JCB Community to make JCB J4 compatible for all of us. And if this is done i can go ahead and update FootballManager.
kind regards

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