Module Loads but doesn't pull data

cowlady , February 01 2022, 19:31
cowlady 1
February 01 2022, 19:31 #219
I can tell the mod is loading, but nothing is coming from my youtube channel. Can you be more specific on how the api key is to be set?
For key restrictions, should that be "http referrers (web sites)"? and should that be set to my website? Any others should be included?
Are there any other settings that should be checked? I've tried and I just can't figure it out!
Thanks for the help!
marco 467
February 02 2022, 06:48 #220
Hi Kathy
I did not see Tubeflix at the given link in the source code - did you disabled the module already / Is it well published (on all pages / this page)? See tab Menu Assignement for that.
About your API-Key Question
To start i would recommend to disable any limitations and set it as seen in the screenshots.
But yes you could limit the API Key to your domain all details are noted in the Key Settings after setting it.
Other issues might be that you did not used the correct Channel ID, can you please tell me which Channel ID you want to use?
Another user had the issue that the embedded jQuery Version was not compatible - to fix that simply go into the module settings and turn off "Load jQuery" in the Advanced Settings Tab. Also here you have the Debug Option - Turn it on to get information in the browser console - When opening now the page containing Tubeflix you will get information in the Browser Console (CTRL+ALT+I on Windows / CMD+OPT+I on Mac) there might be more data why nothing loads.
kind regards
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