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cosmic , January 19 2022, 11:08
cosmic 32
January 19 2022, 11:08 #202
I have the below messages in Joomla 4 saying that J4 can't check for updates?
is there anything we can do?Capture_dcran_2022-01-19_120713.jpg
marco 467
January 20 2022, 07:06 #203
Hi cosmic
No big deal. I recently had restructured the folders of update sources with the last extension updates - it looks like i've forgotten to let those two at the "old" location which leads into this error. There are currently no updates available for the Oriel "package" as well as the folderlist plugin so you did not miss something important.
Thanks for the notification!
I've re-added those files now and the error should be gone next time you check for updates.
Kind regards

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cosmic 32
January 21 2022, 06:13 #204
coool - thanks a lot