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cosmic , December 15 2021, 08:38
cosmic 30
December 15 2021, 08:38 #190
I have a question for you.
I drop for each models I have a couple of pictures but want only to show some of...

I show randomly on this page 5 pix but to do that, I need to show all pix and hide from the 6th to the end...
in this case, there is only folder - here I use an other extension than Oriel

I always think it's a shame to show something to hide it so I was wondering if we can select the number of pix to show with Oriel?

I believe this should be used as well as a kind of preview when publishing a show creating different tabs on the page itself (using or - this will avoid to show like 300 pix when only 30 are enough for visitor to understand the contain of the page/event

Thanks in advance & regards
marco 400
January 23 2022, 08:53 #205
Hi cosmic
I don't know what happened here but i've noted this request in december and it looks like i've simply forgott to write you back - this feature is on the list for the next update.
Thanks for your Feedback
kind regards

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cosmic 30
January 24 2022, 20:34 #208
did I say already that you're wonderful?