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sabin , December 05 2021, 11:40
sabin 3
December 05 2021, 11:40 #183

is there a way of enabling a user to upload files into a specified category directly from frontend?

these would be the steps

  1. admin attaches category folder to article in backend
  2. folder appears in frontend for users to see with two buttons: download and upload. 
  3. clicking on upload will enable users to upload a file from their computer or phone straight into the folder/category without getting into a file manager of any sort

THank you

marco 467
December 07 2021, 12:22 #184
Hi sabin
Thanks for your question - Unfortuantely no AgileDownloads was designed to offer the downloads, it is not a fully filemanager like other extensions. The main focus was to list files that got stored via ftp or filemanager and shows them in a nice look.
Usage example:
A company has different persons that got access to certain folders by ftp. Each of this person can upload files to "his/hers" folder and that is the only thing this person has to do - the files will then automatically been listed on the page.
But you will be able to use AgileDownloads in combination with FTP or any other type of filemanager that handles the upload.
kind regards

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