Player Stats for a darts league

adrian , November 07 2021, 22:36
adrian 7
November 07 2021, 22:36 #171
Could you confirm that i can create a player stats page like this: > Team > any team > Players
I have been using a really old Joom Sport from 2013/14, it needs replaced and I think your Football Manager ticks all the required boxes.
Thanks in Advance
Adrian C
marco 400
November 09 2021, 19:10 #172
Hi Adrian
Yes and no :-) - In FootbalManager (Component) itself you can already save Player related stats - you can link scored points / types to players. But there is currently no support given in the Pro Modules to read those information player based. I have it on my ToDo already a couple of months but other (more important) updates for other extension had a higher priority. If everything goes as expected there will be a "last update round" for the FootballManager Pro Extensions early 2022 (before i start the Joomla 4 compatibility changes for the base component) where i will add such a functionality either directly into the upcoming Players Module and / or into a Team Stats Module.
If you are interested i can contact you when a Beta Version is ready to be tested.
Kind regards

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adrian 7
November 18 2021, 00:08 #174
Hello marco
I would love to test your Beta of Player/Team Stats.
Please contact when you you are ready.
Many Thanks
Adrian C