Landisl , October 28 2021, 17:09
Landisl 2
October 28 2021, 17:09 #168
Hi Marco,
in agileVideo we can see options "Show Slidenav", "Slidenav outside" and "Slidenav Color Mode" but when the Slidenav is on the top of the video would be good to find "Slidenav Background Color" option. In its present form, Slidenav for many people can be hardly visible.
Example: and go down to TRAILERS.
marco 400
October 29 2021, 09:25 #169
Hi Landisl
Thats a good point - I will check an implementation of your idea but it should be possible easily because it's simple CSS.
And in the meantime you could do this for your site with the CSS snipped below:
/* Slidenav default (not hovered) white on black*/
.nx-extension.nx-agileVideos .uk-slidenav {
background: rgba(0,0,0, 0.8);
color: white;
/* Optional: Nice looking Border radius:*/
border-radius: 3px;
/* Slidenav on hover over slidenav prev / next black on white*/
.nx-extension.nx-agileVideos .uk-slidenav:hover, .uk-slidenav:focus {
background: rgba(255,255,255, 0.8);
color: black;
Just add the CSS snipped above to your templates custom.css or the related custom styling section in your template framework.
kind regards

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Landisl 2
October 29 2021, 10:46 #170
It works perfectly. Thank you