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cosmic , September 24 2021, 08:11
cosmic 32
September 24 2021, 08:11 #156
I'm actually using the function to have categories when showing a gallery to have this result based on these folders:
As the web site is in French and English, I translate the name of the folder and it's working great

BUT I would like to upload through ftp in advance some folders but not show them... my issue is that there my internet connection could be very bad and slow

is there any chance to upload for instance pix in a folder called skip (or whatever the name you want) and the content of this folder will not be shown - actually pictures will be shown using skip as a category
therefore instead of having this result:
I will have this one
Is it actually possible or is there any chance to have this in a next version?
Thanks & regards
marco 467
September 25 2021, 09:05 #157
Hi cosmic
thanks for the really good explication and the screenshots.
I can see what you need, actually Oriel has no "skip folder" option but i will integrate this feature in the next release.
Thanks for your input!
I will keep you updated in this thread.
kind regards

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cosmic 32
September 25 2021, 09:52 #158
this will be great - thanks a lot