Difference Exposer und Widgetsbox? Usage of custom fields?

Ayko , June 30 2021, 16:02
Ayko 6
June 30 2021, 16:02 #148
Hello again,
after some checks I got some additional questions.
1. What's the clear difference / advantage or disadvantege between Exposer and Widgetsbox?
2. Is there any option to use custom fields within the content to show them with widgetsbox?
-> use case: Nice overivew about upcoming events and custom fields are used for event details like date, time, price, location ... etc.

Best regards,
marco 400
June 30 2021, 16:56 #149
Hi Ayko
Thats a good question (and one that i receiva at least once a week :-)) - I still want to make a blog about this topic but i did not found the time for that till now. In short:
Exposer includes Layouts for Grid (incl. Eyecatcher Grid), Slideshow and List. Additionally Exposer allows you to display Article Contents in a Modal.
WidgetsBox has Layouts for Grid, Slideshow, Slider, List & Accordion. Next release will contain an additional Switcher Widget, where the articles can be loaded in "Tabs". In the near future a Basic Widget for HereMaps will also been added.
Benefits of Exposer:
In Exposer you can use Core Customfields and a wide range of Third Party Customfields as Media Source.
In Exposer you have overall "more freedom" with Dynamic Sources, Customfield Filter, Customfield Display (positioning) and so on. Overall Exposer is "more open" then WidgetsBox.
Benefits of WidgetsBox:
WidgetsBox is overall easier to use, offers more Widgets / Layouts. After several months of development i was on the point to say "okey i cannot make Exposer easier to use and give the users the options they asked for at the same time" - This is where WidgetsBox was born.
The new "nice" features will be added to WidgetsBox, Exposer is good for users that want to have this special bit of individuality where WidgetsBox is for the mass.
To answer your second question:
Both Extensions allows you to display Customfield Values in its Layouts, for WidgetsBox checkout the following options screenshot:
Exposer allows you additionally to create Custom Rules for Customfields to append Text / values to a customfield when displayed in Exposer. WidgetsBox did not offer such an option atm.
hope this helps
kind regards
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marco 400
July 01 2021, 05:54 #150

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