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Ayko , June 24 2021, 14:18
Ayko 6
June 24 2021, 14:18 #142
I'm using a bootstrap4 based template and I would like to know, if the widgetbox is working well withing BS4.
Is it possible to adapt the styles from bootstrap4 easily by using the BS4 classes? Or do I need create a separate styling for that module for best color and style fit to my template?
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marco 400
June 25 2021, 09:07 #144
Hi Ayko
The base template is the default UIkit 3 Theme, the possbile customization options vary greatly based on the selected widget.
For the cards grid for example you can add custom CSS Classnames for the cards and the cards body.
The default layouts can be viewed here: https://getuikit.com/assets/uikit/tests/card.html
Simply switch the component to slideshow or others you want to check.
The module brings its own (optional) UIkit version that can be loaded by the module.
Styles can be easily overwritten by your template's custom css to set custom color for headings for example.
To answer your question, yes WidgetsBox will run out of the box also with "non" uikit templates but you can / have to adapt some styles via Custom CSS.
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Ayko 6
June 25 2021, 14:44 #147
Ok, thanks for that information. I'll give it a try.