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sabin , June 18 2021, 17:03
sabin 3
June 18 2021, 17:03 #139
I use JLex Comments on my Joomla site. This allows file uploads at individual comment level. Users can for instance upload images and define a caption as well as description for each item. thumbnails of the images then appear at the end of the comment block in a gallery display. Users can also upload files of all sorts but these would only be displayed as a list at the end of the block again, after the image gallery referred to above, if applicable. All the files and images are dumped inside a folder somewhere in htdocs/media folder.
Would Agile Downloads be able to find these files and images and automatically display them as a list or inside a folder at the end of the Joomla Article where the Jlex comments were posted?
Would Agile downloads also be able to automatically create categories/tags from the usernames of the people who uploaded these files, the category of the Article where the posts were made, the file type, perhaps even the image caption name etc and display them inside a tree structure somewhere else on the site? clearly, the same file may appear on different branches of the tree depending on category/tags.
Does Agile use Joomla Categories/Tags or relies on its own? Could Joomla Categories/tags be assigned to Agile categories if the latter?
I hope this is not too confusing
Thanks for the help.
marco 400
June 19 2021, 10:12 #140
Hi sabin,

AgileDownloads can display all sort of files / filetypes but you have to define a source / root folder in the module settings.

If I understand you correctly, the component stores all files in the same folder,
the extension then manages the association with the article / comment in the frontend. Unfortunately, AgileDownloads cannot simply "hang in" ...

About categories / tags.
AgileDownloads works based on your filesystem, so for example:
It needs a Folderstructure like this:

--User A
---User A images
---User A Documents
--User B
---User B Images
---User B Documents

Then you can for example set "root" as source and enable Subfolder Support but this will only lead into a
list of files for all six subfolders.

Based on your questions / requirements i think agileDownloads is not the solution you are searching for.
Because the agileDownloads approach is filesystem-based.

Kind regards

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sabin 3
June 22 2021, 08:29 #141
thanks Marco