no masking article Exposer module , January 25 2021, 17:50
H 22
January 25 2021, 17:50 #89
Hello Marco
Sorry to solicit you but everything works well on one site and not on
the other, with your Exposer module. I'm not sure if it comes from your
extension but I checked all the parameters ; joomla caching ; module
"Article good Search", "Advanced Module Manager"  ... They are identical !
The idea is that the articles of the Exposer module are hidden by
excluding the display when the term "gsearch" is in the url (wirh
"Advanced Module Manager") !
You can see it by going to the page and filtering with a tag. (it is a temporary site)
I update the page, the articles in the Exposer module disappear
If it is not linked with the javascript of your module, it must be
linked to another extension ?
Do you have an idea?
marco 106
January 25 2021, 21:41 #90
So i've checked your given link and what i can see is that if you open the url including "?gsearch=1&moduleId=112&Itemid=351" - the whole module position is gone - so the advance module manager part should work right? - but can you please try to explain me again what you are trying to archive? What do you mean with Javascript? sorry i have no clue what you try to do :-)
H 22
January 26 2021, 08:56 #91
HI Marco
Thank you for taking the time to respond.
It's difficult for me to explain well in English so I can also give access if it's easier and quicker.

In the menu, I put the list of joomla items from a Joomla category with exposer module.
Later, there can be tens or hundreds of items, so I bought Andrey's "Article good search" filter.
Everything works fine except that it is not aesthetic (normal) to see at the same time the result of the search filter ( lines with the title of the article) and underneath the (Exposer)/joomla articles!
I install the "Advanced Module Manage" module to hide your module if "gsearch" is in the url!
It worked well on the first site where you helped me.

On this 2nd site, it doesn't work unless I refresh the page.

I don't think it's a cache problem, hence the hypothesis of a javascript that prevents to hide the 1st time.
I've been going around in circles for several hours now, that's why I'm calling on you. The others tell me that it does not come from their extension.

H 22
January 28 2021, 09:32 #92
hello Marco
marco 106
January 28 2021, 11:30 #93
Hi , sorry for the late response i was idle publishing a new extension.
I'm on it for me it looks currently like Advanced Module Manager does not fire upon the filter change, but you say you have an identical installation that works?
Are you working with the Pro or free version of advanced Module Manager?
kind regards
H 22
January 28 2021, 12:19 #94
I use the free version in both cases.
Yes it seems to me that the configuration is strictly identical.
That's why I was wondering if there would be a parameter or some code that would block the masking, after applying 1st filtering as you can see?
marco 106
January 28 2021, 16:01 #95
So, thank you for the patience, but unfortunately i have just "an idea" what the problem might be. In fact as far as i can see Advanced Module Manager does NEVER check by AJAX so yiu should have indeed a difference between your live system and staging environement:
Please check on both systems the following Option in Articles Good Search:
The search type has to be Standard - only in that config i was able to hide Exposer (or any other Module) based on URL settings. Yes the page will do a refresh after click on search but as far as i can see its the only option available to use Articles Good Search in combination with Advanced Module Manager.
kind regards
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H 22
January 28 2021, 16:26 #96
Hi Marco
Ok great, that works well :-)
I don't understand why it was working on the other site (only thing I see is the different theme here astroid!).
Thanks again, especially as the author of the other module hadn't thought about it.
I have already put 5* on the EDD :-)
All I can do is to talk about this extension in a positive way as well as its great support on the joomlafrance forum. Sad that the last review was so severe!