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webiedesign , November 09 2020, 02:59
webiedesign 4
November 09 2020, 02:59 #85
I am using the list style with the intro image, title, and 3 custom fields I would like them all to display inline. Currently the custom fields all display in one block. Can I do this ?2020-11-08-17_55_50-General-Purpose-DSP-Modules---New-Danville.jpg
marco 467
November 10 2020, 11:17 #86
hi webiedesign
Yes but no, let me explain:
The Customfields are rendered in a table view (table>tbody>tr>td) by default a tr defines a row. So I've Quick tesetd it - just with CSS Classnames you cannot solve it. What you can do is:
Define a new Custom Class in the field "Customfields CSS Classes" (Module Backend) lets call it "inline-table".
In the next step you will need to create a bit of CSS Code in your templates "custom.css" (where to add this depends on your template):
.inline-table > tbody{
display: flex;
flex-direction: row;
.inline-table > tbody > *{
padding:4px; /* Optional Add padding / margin to each item */
kind regards

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webiedesign 4
November 10 2020, 22:30 #87
This worked perfect ! Thank you.