Adding additional classes to the individual thumb containers

RIIID , September 03 2020, 17:54
September 03 2020, 17:54 #71
Hi Marco,
just wanted your input how to best achieve a certain look using your awesome gallewry. I am using a custom UIKit 3 template (I am using v3.5.6).
The header has a "slant", and I am using 2 custom classes, which basically skew a parent container -5deg and then the individual child divs get skewed back 5 deg - which achieves a slant a long that top header line.
Best if you take a look here:
I need to tweak your module (on top) so it will show the thumb jumpmarks like in the "Original Sprungmarken" Example.
I can easily add my "fk-skewy" class to your parent container, but at this point I don't think I can add a class to the thumb containers, right?
Also, the partial thumb border is achieved with an additional div.
I would think I need to hack your module to achieve the same look? This is probably nothing that others might need
I need to use your gallery as I can't expect the marketing team to create these jumpmark modules by hand. I tried to show them and failed gloriously.
marco 106
September 04 2020, 10:56 #72
Hi Richard
Oriel supports custom CSS Classes via Module Class Suffix. Add your Custom Classname (without ".") simply in the
Module Class Suffix field (Module Settings --> Advanced --> Module Class Suffix) Multiple classes can be separated by space. This way it should be easy to adjust the skewing.
Hint: If you use a yootheme pro template, you can disable loading of uikit in the advanced tab in the module settings (this way uikit 3 won't be loaded twice and oriel adapt your template color settings for primary, secondary, overlay etc.)
kind regards
September 10 2020, 13:58 #76
Hi Marco,
just wanted to report back - since I needed an extra div container to achieve the look described above, I created a template override for your module.
I am happy to report that I was able to override all TMPL php files. I am also using my own uikit installation (v 3.5.6) and have experienced no problems...