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herve , August 13 2020, 14:41
herve 59
August 13 2020, 14:41 #61
HI again
I want to center the image and shift it 4px from the top of the card.
I do not see a parameter? do you have to do a specific css elsewhere?
marco 467
August 14 2020, 15:47 #62
Hi, yes for those kind of customizations you need to use CSS either in your custom.css file of your template (check template documentation) or you can use custom CSS for images. See: Exposer Config --> Grids --> Image Settings --> Custom CSS. "margin-top:4px; margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;" should do the trick.
But in your case i think you are talking about the econa images, right? ;-)
For that add this custom CSS Code to your template:
.nx-extensions .econaImage img {
kind regards

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herve 59
August 14 2020, 16:09 #63
Great it works now :-)
I tried a css but I didn't know if it was bad or a cache problem