Can't select default image IMPORTANT

marq_104 , August 12 2023, 00:12
marq_104 28
August 12 2023, 00:12 #553
I can't select a fallback image.
I also get internal error message.
Joomla 4.2.9 php 7.4 (trying to update)
See attached images
marco 557
August 15 2023, 07:21 #558
Hi marq_104
Thanks for this details.
Question: can you select Images in articles (Full Article Image / Intro Article Image?) Because it looks like a general issue with the Media Form field here.
I've quickly checked it on multiple Joomla 4 Hosts now without any error, in addition its the first time i've seen this issue.
Could you please provide me your PHP Error Log for further analysis?
Best would be to force the issue again and note the timestamp - then get the PHP Error Log from within your hosting panel (or via FTP) from your server and send me both (timestamp and your error.log) to support @[at] nx-designs [dot] ch may we can then sort out what went wrong here.
But be aware! You should update your PHP version - it might be an issue with your PHP version in combination with Joomla 4 - the Image Selection is in fact the basic Joomla 4 Media field.
kind regards

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marq_104 28
August 15 2023, 08:18 #560
Just discovered the problem. I was using another media file handler "JMedia" and had option "Replace Joomla! Media Manager" set to YES.
Once I set it to NO, Exposure set default image worked fine.