Module keeps loading

MiktowersC , March 08 2023, 15:55
MiktowersC 2
March 08 2023, 15:55 #433
Hi Marco, how are you?
I've installed following the guide. Added the API key and channel ID.
Also, I've disabled the jquery and activate the debug, but still keep in loading after (also tried disabling the Disclaimer)

This is a test site, before going live
What's wrong?
marco 541
March 09 2023, 12:06 #434
Hi MitowersC
I've quickly analysed your Request. The "Main" Problem is that you are using Joomla 4.x on this Host. TUBEFLIX is only working with Joomla 3.x. This is based on the fact that as far as i know the AJAX Interface has changed in Joomla 4.x. There will be an improved Lite & Pro Version in the future but to be honest its on my list since mid 2021 and I haven't started development till now. There are other Projects (Paid Extensions & Customer Custom Extensions & Websites) that needs my attention first.
kind regards

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MiktowersC 2
March 09 2023, 16:04 #435
Hi Marco! thanks for your reply.
Ok. I'll try with other extensios. But for the record, I like yours. Hope you can find some time to update it.
Thanks for your help