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Ita , February 23 2023, 16:02
Ita 2
February 23 2023, 16:02 #424
I have been looking at the manual that is lacking. It look like it has been written for an earlier version of joomla.
Most of the options in the manual i cannot find in joomla 4
Until a new manual is done i would like to know how to get a reimbursement of orielpro and nx
marco 557
February 24 2023, 07:07 #425
Hi Ita
I'm Sorry to hear that, i'm currently working on new manuals for all extensions but it takes some time...
It sounds like you are using Joomla 4.x, indeed the manuals are written the time Joomla 3.x was the current release but the things does not changed that much.
For example:
In Joomla 4.x you will find the modules in Main Menu >> Content >> Site Modules
In Joomla 4.x you will find the fields (Custom Fields) for Articles in Main Menu >> Content >> Fields and the Field Groups in Main Menu >> Content >> Field Groups
And yes for sure the module settings "looks" different in Joomla 4 but that is only because of the Joomla 4 Backend template and does not change the functionality in any form.
In Fact those are the only difference between 3x & 4.x The Options & Features in my Extensions are the same it does not matter if you are using J3 or J4.
If you could explain what is not working on your side / where you have issues i'm here to help you onboarding. But some helpfull ressources might be the available if you check for Joomla 4 Onboarding Guides on Youtube or other platforms.
In Fact the manuals are still "correct" and can either be used in J3 / J4 if you know where to find them (see above).
But if you insist I will cancel your subscription and do a refund - but I think based on your request your goal is to have a working gallery rather then money back.
Kind regards

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