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iMagnifier for Joomla!
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iMagnifier for Joomla!


Modern magnifier for Joomla!

With iMagnifier you can easily integrate an image with magnifying glass function into your content. Thanks to the support of dynamic sources iMagnifier can also use the image URL's of Joomla! Article Customfields as source.

iMagnifier is a module for Joomla! CMS. iMagnifier can be used with one or two images as source (Preview & HiRes). iMagnifier renders the selected image in a preview, if you move the mouse over the image, the image will be shown within a magnifying glass at 100% resolution. The magnification factor is determined by the image itself. Of course you can also choose an alternative image for the zoom (image.jpg & image_hires.jpg). The corresponding images can be defined in the backend module.

In Dynamic Mode, a custom field can be selected for the preview and zoom image. These fields must contain the image URLs. If no data is available, the module is not loaded. In this way it is possible to use the module in dynamic templates. The image sources are configured in the article.

Main Features

  • Mobile First concept
  • Joomla! Customfield Support
  • Rectangle or Circle magnifier
  • Style like you want
  • Joomla! 4.0 compatible

License Information

The purchase of this Joomla! extension includes:

  • Use on UNLIMITED number of websites (no domain limitation)
  • Access to updates & download of the extension for the period of one year after purchase date
  • Support from Developers & Community via our community forum

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