Meet the Worlds first HTML5 Joomla! Player with Ambilight Effect

Easy to set up

Simple Backend Options

The Backend options allows you to set up your video as YOU like. You can define all available HTML5 Video configurations. Aswell as a lot of different settings for the videoframe itself like stage color (rgba), border color (rgba) radius. Full List see below.


Backend Options

Stunning Effects

It uses your Video

The Ambilight Video Effect uses state of the art Canvas technologie and Javascript to create an Ambilight Effect for your Video. As Plus, there are two additional Modes "no Effect" and "Drop Shadow" Player.

Configuration Overview

Source Settings

Where we have to go?
Video URL, Video Poster and Video Ratio can be edited seperately


Configure the Videoframe aka Border Settings for thickness, color (rgba) and radius

Volume Settings

can you say that louder?
Define the Volume on Player initialization


Let's get started
Enable Autoplay, if you like


Can you repeat that?
WE have also included the Loop Function to restart the playback automatically


Take Control
A player without interactions? Disable the Controlbar

Stage Color

Bring color to your... Stage
Define the stage color (background) in rgba


Say something important
Display your text on the left, on the right, above or below your Video

What are you Waiting for?

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